Cheap Penny Stocks

cheap penny stocks
What is the cheapest broker for penny stocks and stocks in general?

I was thinking of going with interactive brokers or sogotrade. I am also interested in interactive brokers because they allow shorting of a lot of stocks. Thank you for your answer.

Stocks are considered shares and with penny stock trading, everyone that invests in this market buys and sells shares with prices of five dollars and under per share, some are less than one dollar for a share or cheap penny stocks. Most times, a share is a kind of collateral that represents rights of shares within a firm. When a person owns stock within a company, he or she possesses a percentage of earnings and/or resources of the company.
the largest interest is positioned between the outside bidding and the asking price. In addition, keep in mind that a penny stock price can be marked up in times like: a stockbroker has taken longer with the shares and there is a larger gamble with they Buy Penny Stock, which is a normal occurrence with penny stock trading.

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