Canadian Penny Stocks

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Investing in the Stock Market…(Canadian)?

Ok…I am very new at this and need some help getting started. I have been searching the internet for a website that lists the pennystocks etc…to begin or at least to learn and I have not found a FREE website that will help me with this. Does anyone out there in the finance world know where I can find this information? We want to start small and as we learn, maybe go a little bigger, but for now we are looking at low cost stocks (penny stocks or small cap I guess they call it!)….Any information you can help with would be greatly appreciated!! :)
Very much want to stick to our Canadian stock exchange! Thank you for any information offered!! It is appreciated!

When you invest/trade in penny stock you should never put up more than you can afford to loose and you should assume you will loose it all. Unlike regular securities, penny stocks usually do not let you use risk cutting procedures (options and/or stop orders) since most are not traded in a regulated market place.

They say when you buy securities you have a 50%-50% chance of making money, when you buy penny stocks you have a 50-50-90% chance, 50-50 chance of making money and a 90% chance of loosing money.

All that said, here are some websites that you will find helpful, although they primarily address the US markets

Penny Stock Brokers Canada

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