Shorting Penny Stocks

shorting penny stocks
Is penny stock investing more profitable long term or short term?

Short term to me is like a couple of weeks or maybe even days…Long term to me is keeping it for about a year or 2 years. In relation to Penny Stocks which route would be more profitable.

stocks are meant to be invested in the long term. If you plan to invest in the short term, you have a higher risk of losing money. Here’s why; if you will need the money soon to pay bills, you can only lave the money in the market for a short time. When you need the money, you will need to get out of the market to pay the bills whether you made a profit or loss. Instead, to be more successful, invest in the long term and have a diversed financial portfolio. Most of mine consists of CD’s and Savings but 10% is in stocks. I won’t need that 10% for a long time so I’m keeping it in the market. My stocks have dropped 40% in value but I know I will eventually break even and even profit. Since I won’t need that money for a while, I can just leave it in the market.

No Borrow, No Cry: A Penny Stock Short Seller’s Anthem

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