Undervalued Penny Stocks

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Any investors out there good at DD and research ?


I have put alot of time and research into this.
DD the snots out of this otcbb stock
Its ticker “PBLS” Phoenix Associates.
I have researched this company for 1.5 years and
at a price of 1 penny I will challange “anyone” to find a more undervalued stock. This company has more going than 70% of the AMEX companies.
Why is it at a penny ? because they have not filed in 8 years and they “will” file in the first Q of 2007.
Read everything about them – Investors have videos and pictures of visits to all the Companies that they own. and there are”Many”
They “have been communicating to its investors that they will file first quarter of 2007

206 million in revs 21+million in profit and little to no debt……..815 OS = .0257 EPS
I am not telling anyone to buy this issue.
Just want to see if this boy has his beans together.

I even challange seasoned veteran large cap investors to try and find a more undervalued stock

1 hrs of minimum DD required to qualify

Since they have no public figures anything definite, until the releases, are pretty fuzzy facts. But I must admit, I will be watching when their releases come, and for that I thank you.

I think LBTS (Liberty Star Gold) is more undervalued. They have tens of thousands of acres of gold and uranium mining claims in Alaska and Arizona worth more than the dreams of avarice–all that gold and uranium but no mine.*

*It reminds me of a line attributed to Samuel Clemens, famous not only for his writing but for bad investments, “A gold mine is a hole in the ground surrounded by liars.”

LOL, I think you made a good find, congrats.

Small Cap Stock which may be Undervalued!

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