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What is a good broker for investing in penny stocks?

I like to trade low-value “penny” stocks, but my broker ( aka ING Direct) charges extra commission for stocks worth less than $1 per share. Is there another online broker that does not have this extra low-value commission fee?

I’d prefer one with a low investment minimum, but anything that does not have the low-value fee is good. Thanks to all for your answers.

INGDirect is a great broker as long as you know nothing about investing. It’s good to see you want to graduate.

As you may know already…. it’s generally unwise for people with less than 3-5 years of successful investing experience to invest in stocks below $5. Since September the market has been flying. Hopefully you don’t equate your good recent luck with penny stocks as proof of expertise or worse, how “easy” it is to make money in Penny Stocks. The ride down can be cruel & incredibly quick.

Neither IB or TOS charge any differently for stocks below $1.

Timothy Sykes (the “famous” penny stock trader) likes ThinkOrSwim as his broker. I use ThinkOrSwim and Interactive Brokers. IB is the cheaper of the two. TOS has a much better platform, so 90% of my trades are through them. You’ll love the charts & the active trader platform. If you’re trading penny stocks & not using charts (TA) to guide you………..

Good luck.

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