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Are all of those “Hot Stock” junk mail item on penny stocks just pump ‘n dump schemes?

I get so much junk mail, many of it investment related, and a lot of it is from guys with their own newsletters. Not sure if they’re all pump ‘n dump or not. Such as “Breaking Profit Alert” from the desk of Remo Sabene Jr., Editor in Chief, GroundFloor Stocks. He offers a bunch of books, monthly newsletter, reports, and Electronic Database, etc. Recently promoting a little-known company “Planktos,” and pushing books with titles such as: “Retiring Rich,” “The China Profit Bonanza,” and “How to Grow Rich in Biotechnology Stocks,” etc.

These guys who send out investment news letters are on an easy, sure, money spinning racket.

They buy a penny share they fancy, praise it to the heavens to millions of people. Thousands rush and buy it, the price goes up and those first guys sell next day and laugh all the way to the bank. I am thinking of starting such business my self actually.

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