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What would happen if I buy the Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 29,413 of a stock quote of $2.00?

Would I have control of this stock and company on the market? The Shares Outstanding 7.00 Mil, Income -2.49, Net Profit Margin -12.04%, Return on Equity -13.05%. Could this stock MSON become officially a penny stock? 52 Week High 3.84 52 Week Low 1.53 and trade OTC when I cease the Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 29,413
Could the price of a share go up so high that it hits a ceiling and crashes to the real value which I think would be under a dollar.

Your question indicates a bit of misunderstanding, so let me try to help.

Average Daily Volume is a poor indicator of how much stock you can realistically buy on a given day. Median Daily Volume is a vastly superior metric because it won’t be skewed by one huge volume day. MSON is a terrific example as its ADV is skewed by 995,700 shares traded 5/4. Over the last couple of weeks, it has traded less than 29k shares every day. See link below.

Trying to buy 29k shares would drive up the price. You would make some sellers very happy. Once your buying disappeared, the stock would drop back, putting your position in an immediate loss.

Buying 29k shares out of 7,000,000 outstanding is 0.40%, so nowhere near enough for operational control.

Driving the price up temporarily would not cause it to crash lower. Not sure where you got that idea, but it does not make sense to me.

MSON has a total market cap of only 14m. By my standards, it is already a penny stock.

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