Penny Stocks Books

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Anyone know where I can find out about penny stocks for beginners?

Would like to find a place online or a book that is actually for beginners. Don’t want to “play” if I don’t have a clue.

Only fools invest in penny stocks.

There are generally very good reasons that penny stocks are so cheap. Some are damaged companies. Some are drowning in debt. Some are just 3 employee shells rather than real operating companies. Some are complete frauds.

There is usually little information available to analyze. There is no coverage by professional analysts. There are no published earnings estimates.

Market liquidity is poor. Bid/ask spreads are large making transactions very expensive.

There are lots of “pump and dump” scams.

There are no legitimate penny stock newsletters. All frauds.

If you read this far and still want to invest in penny stocks, you are beyond my ability to help.

The Penny Book- How to make money with penny stocks

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