Penny Stock Brokerage

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how do i start penny stock investing?

From researching I have found I need to open a cash account with a brokerage firm to start penny stock investing is this correct?

If you are old enough, you can open a cash account at an internet brokerage firm like, ScottTrade, Ameritrade, Fidelity, etc. their minimums may be as low as $2000 to $10,000. Then once your check has cleared you will have acces to buy any stock of your choice. I will tell you that “penny stocks” (those selling for less than $5 per share) are extremely risky and while you could make incredible gains of 50% or more, you could also lose half or nearly all of your money too. You do not have to buy penny stocks simply because you have little money to invest. With low resources the better thing to do is buy less shares (even 1-10) of a quality company and learn what you are doing first. Build up your account by continually adding to the principle. Every one thinks they are aggressive till their account falls by 20% or more!

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