Hot Stocks

hot stocks
What stocks are hot for Monday April 20th?


If you are just trading for a quick profit trade MSFT before earnings and especially if it drops near 18…INTC is attractive under 15 for a trade

C may pop tomorrow if BAC comes through with decent earnings and guidance. These two are very speculative plays with C being more risky but very possible to double quick off 3.50 area if Stress tests are positive.

Another stock to watch is X (US Steel) going into earnings…It already has had tremendous run but broke out above all resistance. If it drops anywhere close to 27-28, good for a trade. It may pop to 31-32 on Monday though. Wait for pullback.

and one more speculative play is LVLT…making a move right now possibly to $1.75- 2.00….very speculative though.

then we have DNDN…..already made a huge move but possible to go over $20 and maybe to $25 area before the end of April going into meeting to discuss their test results on PROVENGE, their prostate cancer drug. This is all to get FDA approval and if that happens the Stock could easily go to $50-100 a share.

and finally GE….buy it if it happens to drop below 12 and especially if it drops below 11….

Invest at your own risk and do your own homework

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