What Is A Penny Stock

what is a penny stock
Where is a reliable source of penny stock information?

I have been playing around with penny stocks for a little while now. I understand the risks involved and am only playing around with what i am willing to lose. I have noticed the vast amount of spammers in this area. I am simply looking for a reputable site/source that I can gather valid and honest information to help me base my decisions on. Any suggestions?
Maybe I should add that I am not looking for a service to pay for. I have heard many negative things about the tading robots. Just looking for good, clean, honest opinions and information

Unfortunately, good clean honest opinions are hard to come buy in the penny trading universe. Most of the companies that are preached to be ‘good buys’ are the result of paid promotion or pump and dump schemes.

What Is A Penny Stock Pump & Dump?

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