Good Penny Stocks

good penny stocks
What are some good penny stocks to invest in? Are all penny stocks scams?

I know a lot of penny stocks are basically fake companies that people manipulate info and stock prices to make money and screw others, there have to be some legit penny stocks though, what are some? Years ago my buddy and I bought a bunch of stock that turned into US Cellular stock and we got it at like 6 cents. Any good penny stock picks?

You have a point… I have answered a similar question here in yahoo.. Would like to answer the same to you too..

Probably you can also explore the details about the companies mentioned below from one website and through companies own websites.

For the new investors or small investors in stocks i would strongly suggest all to go through a list of penny / pink stocks like “Juniper Groups”, “Bio Metrix”, “Bio Magnetics Group”, “Critical Solutions”, “Pro Motors Group”, “Vertex Communication” and “EENR”. Also for more details of these penny stocks i would suggest investors to view and the profiles of the company mentioned above.

I would also justify why penny stocks because one thing is for sure that you wont loose a huge huge amount and moreover you have an opportunity of getting more than 100% of the returns and the penny stocks have proven in difficult times too by giving good damn returns…

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