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auto engine runs Very HOT then drops down to normally then jumps back to Very Hot when Car is idleing?

I noticed last night that when I was driving my car around town that the temperature boarded on Overheating. Then when I picked up a little more speed it cooled itself off to normal levels. Then would jump back to very hot when I maintained a set speed. But if the engine kicked in going up a hill it would cool off to normal levels. Any idea what it could be? Is it safe to drive? I have to drive home which is about 300 miles in a snow storm and would really hate to get stock in the middle of nowhere
If is is the thermostat how can I check to see if it is working properly. Can I do it when I am on the road with no tools?

1. Make sure the system is full of coolant when the motor is stone cold. Fill the plastic coolant reservoir at least 3/4 full anytime you remove the pressure cap. #2. Do the electric cooling fans behind the radiator work when the dash gage reads hot? Never continue to drive a car when the cooling system has overheated. #3. Never mix chemical types of antifreeze in your cooling system. The hand-book in your glove compartment will tell you what you should be using in the specifications pages. #4. If it still gets hot, buy an OEM (original equipment manufacturers) thermostat and install it. #5. If it still reads hot, change the electronic temperature gage solenoid in the motor. #6. If it still gets hot, the cooling system should be drained, flushed and cleaned with a one part acid.

If you have lost coolant and you can’t find the leak, have an inexpensive cooling system pressure test done by a trusted private mechanic or new car dealership.

I’ve listed the easy cheap things to do first.

Hot Stocks Picks 12/01/13

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