Penny Stock Prices

penny stock prices
What are some good average stock prices for Ford Motors and J.C. Penny during the 20′s PRE stock market crash?

Ive been searching the internet for 5 hours and would really like to know if anybody has any idea of some average stock prices of Ford and J.C. Penny in the 20′s pre-crash. ANYTHING will help me at this point. (Big project due…) Thanks in advance!!!

Neither Ford nor Penny were publicy traded back then. GM was. US Steel was. U S Steel was THE blue chip back then. It traded at about $230 a share at its high prior to the crash. It was one of the heaviest traded stocks day in and day out, somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 shares a day, not much by today’s standards; but a lot of stock when the average NYSE volume was 3,000,000 shares. GM traded at about $75 a share back then. But the darling was RCA. The tech stock of 29. About $110 a share, but it fluctuated a lot. Something you may not be aware of that most of the companies that traded publicly back then that are still alive today have split their stock many times since then. That 250 a share on X would be worth maybe $5.00 at today’s prices. Other popular stocks were Montgomery Ward at about 115, NCR at about $110 another tech stock. Anaconda Copper at about $100, American Can about $170

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