Oil Stocks

oil stocks
How does one make a killer profit with low risk on oil stocks, other than selling at market price?

(Please only answer if you are an experienced stocks investor)
I do not wish to buy into other stocks or funds. I just want to know the way to maximize profits and how to make more $ other than selling at market price but with a low risk.
eg. Sell short, Sell long etc…. I don’t understand that stuff.
I need to know as I am planning on selling some stock soon :)
All good advice is deeply appreciated.

Don’t sell short That means you sell a stock you don’t Owen. You get the market price at that time and hope it goes down so you can buy it back at the lower price and make a profit.The only other way you can do it is to sell the stock to another person Who wants it but does not want to go to a broker sometimes they might give you a little more but no killer profits. You will just have to settle for mkt price-you can put in an order to sell at a few points higher then it is now and if it gets to that price it will go and you got a bigger profit. Thats the best way if you dont need the money fast.

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