Penny Stocks Investments

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Does anyone know anything about penny stocks and how good they are investment wise?

I’ve been hearing a lot about penny stocks lately, but haven’t done much investing so I wanted other peoples point views on them.

Penny Stocks are the last thing a new trader should be getting into.

You are going down a road that most of us have been down. We started out thinking how easy it would be. I know a firm that will walk you through them, etc.

It’s not going to happen for you. You may luck out on one or two….. but you will lose big money.

Take a year before you even put 1 penny down. Read as much as you can. Know the risks. Know money management (as it relates to investing and risk/reward ratios).

Start investing with Mutual Funds and later large cap stocks. Do some ETF’s. Have an “asset allocation” (always).

Read Read Read. And then read some more.

Consider yourself warned.

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