Best New Penny Stocks

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Which online stock broker is the best?

I’m basicly looking to buy and sell penny stocks.
I will be trading daily,I’m also kindoff new at this.


Thinkorswim is the best that I have seen so far. I just recently moved over from TD Ameritrade because I was tired of dealing with their BS. Thinkorswim provides you with the best desktop interface that I think I have ever seen. You can create an endless lists of stocks to watch whose quotes update in realtime after funding your account. Essentially thinkorswim is a poor man’s bloomberg terminal. You can check out the desktop interface here:

Also, other brokers are really particular with regards to who they actually let trade options or buy on margin. Thinkorswim makes applying for margin accounts simple and easy. Barron’s also rated thinkorswim the #1 stock broker. In my opinion you cannot go wrong with thinkorswim.

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