How To Make Money Penny Stocks

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How long can it take for a penny stock to earn you grands of money?

I’m serious. I’ve heard stories. Now the penny stocks that I pick are usually good. Everything looks green and not a red on my screen. LOL Well, anyway…the stocks I do have either go up slowly or stay motionless for a long time. When are one of these penny stocks going to pay me out a whopping $50,000 dollars, or at least $10,000? I pretty much spread out my penny stocks. I buy a lot of shares but I make sure I have several penny stocks in my portfolio so that I can have something to fall back on in case one of them perform poorly. Almost like a mutual fund of penny stocks, except I pick my own and how many I want to pick. LOL What is the fastest you’ve seen someone profit huge on a penny stock in the grands amount?

A penny stock can move fast. It can multiply itself 10 times or more in a year, but usually if you’re looking for 10 baggers, you need to wait at last 4-5 years.

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