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Is Michael Cohen Doubling Stocks Scam – Does Marl The Stock Trading Robot Work?

At first glance, Michael Cohen Doubling Stock seems too good to be true. Doublingstocks is a penny stock newsletter where Michael provides penny stock picks that you can simply place trades with and profit. But is Doubling Stocks scam?

Those who believe in the Doubling Stock scam say that the program is a classic example of the “Pump and dump” system used by cons all over the world. The newsletter sends out a tip about which company to invest in, and penny stocks rise dramatically with the surge of money going into the stock.

This temporarily inflates the cost of that stock, while the owners sit back, wait for the kick-back promised to them by the companies they recommended as well as reap the profits from their newsletter. Meanwhile, stock prices eventually drop, leaving investors with worthless shares.

Others don´t give a hoot whether they fall for the alleged Doubling Stock scam or not, since the owners offer the newsletter at a mere $49 coupled with a money back guarantee, and the newsletter seems to be a quite a good resource for trading tips.

Again, some people say that the guarantee is part of the scam and you can wait until hell freezes over before you get your money back. Others say that the guarantee works fine, and even if it does, it is still a small sum compared to the money you place on trades and profits.

So far, from the penny stock picks I have placed based on doubling stocks, I have made profits. Although not all trades will make you money, the majority of trades I have placed made profits and that is good enough. By the way, no software or penny stock picks is ever 100% accurate so you should still have some basic understanding of penny stocks before investing.

If you want winning and hot penny stock picks that are delivered to you every week, i recommend Michael Cohen Doubling Stocks Newsletter. Read my Doubling Stocks review and discover how it can help you earn money on autopilot.

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