Best Penny Stocks Picks

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Son Needs Great (Fictional) Stock Pick?

My son is in high school, and is in virtual stock competition. Not understanding the short time frame, he invested in several long-term growth stocks. Now, with less than 90 days to go, its boom or bust. Might as well bust. He needs an idea for a stock costing at least $2.00 that has a chance for explosive growth over the next 3 months. Since long term growth is not a reasonable option, any ideas for a “penny stock” (at least $2.00) that can explode!!!!
(I have told him that this is not the way to invest, but now it is about winning. And sometimes, the best research is to ask someone who knows — the YAHOO COMMUNITY!!!!)

Short term is truly boom or bust – cause no one really knows what they’ll do. But go for something hot like Google or Apple.

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