Us Penny Stock

us penny stock
does anyone know any good penny stocks?

i am in a business class in high school and hes giving us a fake of course $5000 to invest in five company’s. now i want to put some in some alternate energy stocks such as new solar panels, maybe a pharmaceutical company. i also think im going to invest in a blue chip company such as Honda with there new alternate fuel cars coming out. other then that im not really sure what to invest in i was looking for a few solid penny stocks or anything else that could take off.

There’s no such thing as a good penny stock, but you could visit the website “Stock Wire” where other penny stock buyers exhange ideas.

Here’s some other penny stock web sites for you

Good luck, I didn’t give you any specific stocks but I least I pointed you a good direction.

USEI DELIVERING PENNY STOCK PROFITS (U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation)

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