Popular Penny Stocks

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Any favourite penny stock site you’d like to share?

there are just too many of them, just want to know some of the more popular, favourite sites.

Thank you.
Yes, I know penny stock can be risky, but I don’t plan on playing to lose. Plus I’m not using my life savings, I can bare to part with a couple of hundreds, it’s not going to kill me or anything.

Just a note, the odds seems better than casino since I’ve studied charts and plan on swing trading (holding onto stock for weeks to month at most) and I plan on researching the company extensively since my money is on the line.

I just need to know some of the hot companies out there. beside, I’ve already hammered some of the main principle into my head, Don’t play with your emotion!, and never to trust what others say, since often time, they’re just assumption.

So what are your trading rules. Where would you set your stop losses and profit targets? Based on?

Are you using technical analysis for your analysis after fundamentals?

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