Penny Stock Review

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what will this penny stock do next ?

i recently bought a penney stock and i was wondering what this stock is in for in the next step ?

there are 2 things of importance that happen or will happen , 1. the stock is under review for delisting in the next 30 days , and 2. the stock was bought buy a large investment company , they now own around 20 % of the shares outstanding and they have bought more at higher prices .

to me this looks really good for the near term , this stock traded around $20.00 about 2 years ago .
and now trades at 4 cents , looks like good news could push this stock back up .

i have seen stocks trade a low levels like this one to go into the multiple dollars , so it looks like this could be another who can do it .
this penney stock trades on the canadian venture and the symbol is cux

Penny Stocks are sure ways to lose your shirt. Get out of the mess as soon as you can.

Penny Stock Egghead Review Watch Before You Buy!

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