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How do i become rich by the stock market?

i want to know some penny stocks to invest in.
I want to only invest what i can afford to lose…around 100 dollars.
I seen some web sites, and info but seems to be no where i can find unbias advice about penny stock, unbias hot tips.
i have a job, but i dont want to work any more. I have dreams of being rich. I cant stand working in a office anymore, and worrying day to day about being laid off and messing up much responsibilities, i want to find a way to be financially secure independent, i have a college degree in engineering, I thought i would have my life made once i finish college, now i find working in a office for demanding bosses so hard, this is not for me. i wish i could go back to jobs like i did in highschool but with the pay i have today.

Sorry, but it takes money to make money. Then the money will make money.

It is not gambling and you don’t have to lose it. Managing risk to maximize profit and reduce losses, I have found, is the biggest aspect of investing.

I had to cut my expenses and spending to the bone, work much overtime, and invest every dime I could to retire early and live off my investments.

It sounds like you are looking for easy answers, there aren’t any. Most people would rather not be working at the jobs they do. But that is why people are willing to pay us to do them.

Good Luck.

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