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How did Timothy Sykes manage to turn about $12k into $2M in 4 years from age 18-22 trading penny stocks?

I am just curious as to how he did it, and how you go about short-selling penny stocks as he did to do this, i.e. what broker did he use to do it?

Thanks for asking—since I get this question just about every day, I wrote a book detailing EXACTLY how I did it:


There was no leverage or big time internet stocks involved, it comes down to identifying and buying breakouts in hot penny stocks as their upswings usually last several days, especially when hyped by stock promoters…lots of small gains add up over time…I use the same strategy nowadays, but mostly shorting the same kinds of run-ups and have turned $12k into $116k in 2 years, detailing every trade along the way on http://www.timothysykes.com

Never listen to others who pretend to know my strategy…since I am now shorting stock promotion, many promoters try to discredit me (its tough since I’m brutally honest with nearly 2,000 happy customers while they are unethical stock pumpers whose customers often go broke listening to their misinformation)

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