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Stock Market History ‘ Where It Started

You may not know it but the stock market history is quite extensive though the stock market has had several names. Some of the very first brokers originated in France as they were attempting to regulate the agricultural debt that occurred during the 12th century. However there was no central place or building for trading. The first formal trading house is thought to have originated in Bruges sometime during the 13th century.


The very first government securities were not traded until the 13th century in Venice. Several other cities in Italy also had success with government securities because these cities were not government by a duke but by a council. In many other places in Europe government securities could not be traded due to the present type of government.


The very first companies that allowed individuals to buy shares occurred in Holland and the Dutch were the first to allow individuals to share in a business’s success or failures by owning stock. The very first company to offer shares was the Dutch east India Company that operated from the Amsterdam Stock exchange. The first stock was available in 1602.


The Amsterdam Stock Exchange was the first to issue bonds and stock as well as to have continuous trades. The Dutch originated speculative instruments, short selling, unit trusts, option trading, merchant banking and debt equity swaps. Since the Dutch there are now stock markets in almost all developed countries including France, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States.


Since the Amsterdam exchange other developed countries have created their own stock exchanges such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, India, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and France.


The stock market was crucial for business to expand as it was a fast way to gain capital. However there is always risk with investments as the expansion may not be a success. The market is one of the most liquid investing markets as you can make or lose money very fast when compared to other markets.

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