How To Start Trading Penny Stocks

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can anyone tell me if there are any good sites for free stock trading without a minimum to start an account??

i just want to start learning how to play the market and play with some penny stocks to get started and would like to know if there is a site that will let me do that without having to invest at least 1000 dollars or more

Before sinking real money into the market, it’s a good idea to practice first. provides a place you can do that. Also, most brokers have virtual trading as well where you can practice.

An account with a real broker where you actually do trades (virtual ones), you could go to a OptionsXpress, eTrade, Ameritrade, or ScottTrade to do that. Some of them though might charge you a fee for inactivity if you don’t have any “real” money in the account.

Though I know OptionsXpress does not! So there, you can have a free account with no money, and still practice most of your trading.

As for penny stocks, stay away. Sure one might hit once in a while, but for every one that does, hundreds do not. It’s basically gambling as many penny stocks are often manipulated. (Just start collecting those emails about hot penny stocks that are about to move, etc. Wait a month or so and see what happened to the stock.)

Anyways, hope that helps!

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