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has anyone tried ???

i have been looking into stock markets and shares and came across a software vantage point and trendsignal, both predicts the stock market, expensive though. do they really work??? is seems this is to good to be true.
I also looked at red hot penny share and Louis Navellier’s Blue Chip Growth, offering so called tips to buy shares…It looks like people are making money on offering these services, has anyone tried subcribing red hot penny share and Louis Navellier’s Blue Chip Growth???

First off, wake up and smell the shite …
1) IF the so-called ‘prediction’ software actually worked WHY are they selling the software to you ??? (instead of spending every waking moment investing in the stock market or Spread Betting and reaping billions £££ in winnings ???)

Answer .. because they make MORE money selling it than they ever could using it !

2) Next ‘penny’ shares .. well WHY are they ‘penny shares’ ?

Answer = because they are nearly worthless and no-one wants to buy them (except the mugs they con into it)

The fact is, ‘penny shares’ are a recipe for loosing money because the ‘spread’ is often massive and the market is almost non-existant ..

Yes it sounds good when they quote the ‘mid’ price – a 10p share that ‘goes up’ by 1p (so mid price is now 11p) is claimed to have had a 10% increase .
. but if the original 10p mid price was 9-11 .. and the ‘new’ 11p is 10-12 … you would have paid 11p and can now sell at 10p (assuming you can find some mug to buy them that is) and it’s not quite the 10% ‘increase’ being shouted about after all …

Fact is, you would need a 20% increases from 10p (9-11) to 12p (11-13) JUST TO BREAK EVEN .. and you can be 100% sure that the initial (low) prices being quoted in the tip sheet can never be achieved in practice .. any more than the final ‘high’ price can be obtained ..

Brokers (people who buy & sell shares) read the ‘penny share’ rags as well = and when they see one of ‘their’ shares being promoted (or there is a sudden increase in demand) they mark up the price (of course) .. and when the tip sheets shout about the new ‘highs’, or there is a sudden rush to sell, they mark the price down again (of course) .. so (in reality) often the rise and fall of a penny share is CREATED by the mugs following the tip sheets ..

.. and IF you find a penny share that is under valued or due to for a rise, WHY would you tell anyone about it ? Plainly you would buy them all up yourself (to get the best prices and keep all the profits)

So who makes money on ‘penny shares’ ??? once again, it’s the guys who SELL THE INFORMATION (magazines, tip sheets ect) NOT the poor mugs who are conned into buying the shares ..

PS ‘red hot’ is 100% correct .. you WILL ‘burn your fingers’ on these shares (and they will burn your money) :-)

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