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Embarrasing Question :(?

I was at my friends house the other day, and we went for a walk on a public/main street. I needed to pee like really bad. I kept complaining and I made my friend need to pee. We went into like everystore and they wouldn’t let us use the bathroom unless we bought something, and we had NO money, maybe like a penny. But we were so desparate that we went behind a dumpster and peed IN FRONT of eachother. Two of the hottest boys in school were walking through at the same time we started to pee.. they laughed so hard and walked away. I peed for like 10 minutes straight. My friend just peed and then had to wait for me to finish. I felt so relieved but terribly embarrassedd.

Does anyone have any embarrasing public pee stories to share?
We couldn’t walk back to the house, we were like 25 minutes away from it. We had no money because we each bought drinks; not knowing we would need to pee so despratly. And they didn’t see anything.. just the sides of us we weren’t exposed at all.

Nightmare!! My story is that My car broke down on the side of the motorway last year, usually the hard shoulder has trees and bushes which I could have hidden behind but I broke down in a section which had a concrete fence because there was a rail track the other side. So I waited as long as I could but in the end I had to go at the side of the road! Shame!! My car was a 3 door not 5 so I couldn’t even squat down between the doors! So my bottom was on view for all to see!!

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