Penny Stocks With Potential

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What are some penny stocks (.01-.75) that are ready to explode?

im an 18 year old wanting to get involved in the stock market and understand that penny stocks are a good way to start. I want to find the cheapest penny stock with the most potential for profit. I prefer to spend about $500 when buying

The stock market isn’t looking to great today – needless to say. Stocks that used to be seen as long-term, stable investments for those in the business field, have completely shattered. Buying big name stocks is extremely risky, and the risk is only increasing recently. On the other hand, the risk of buying what are known as “penny stocks” is not high at all, and is actually quite profitable. After viewing some stats, in the last few weeks many penny stocks have increased by 500% in value.

A recent website called Titan Stocks ( is gaining popularity in the stock market world. At Titan Stocks, there are many well experienced traders who are constantly watching the hottest stocks in the current market. CTIC recently went from 5 cents to over 70 cents, resulting in huge gains for CTIC share owners.

CTIC is simply one example of a stock that has recently sky rocketed. Other penny stocks doing well include:

* LPJC (250% increase)
* PGYC (300% increase)
* EESO (500% increase)

Anybody who has been in the stock market before knows that stocks can generally result in a gain of 10-15% per year. On the other hand, an investor in the penny stock market can usually have returns over 100% monthly. Sure, there may be some more risks with penny stocks, but the general idea of the market is the same.

Penny stock buyers often look for stocks at a very low price. Why? Penny stocks tend to jump in value very quickly, in comparison to stocks in the bigger market. Evidently, this will need to higher percentage gains in the end.

Penny Stocks – Factors for Invest in Profit Potential Penny Stocks

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