New Penny Stock

new penny stock
Where can I find Penny New Issue IPOs?

They exist, becuase I used to trade them with great success with my researched very technical price movement technique. I used to get them mostly from Canada and some US stocks right after their release. And now I get many Emails of IPOs indicating their public release less than a week away. All under $1 and maby only 20 cents and less. They are US and I verified their existence.

But ever since the fairly recent stock market crash or whatever!!, I can no longer find them except for these anonomies Emails and sources with no response.

So where can I find a list of these soon New Issue US penny stock gems(potentialy), any knoledgable nrokers or non-mainstream investors out their?

Thanks a million!!

google search Penney stocks-ipo will get you to the oc pink sheets
good luck

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