Best Online Penny Stock Brokers

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Best online broker to day trade with ?

What is the best ( cheapest ) for penny stocks broker out there, that’s also safe with no like hidden fees. Is ING any good ?

It is going to depend on how often you trade which broker is best for you and how much you have to play with. I like Interactive Brokers.
Google “online stock brokers” and a lot of information will come up. You will need to sift through a lot of data.

Fees to me are the key to online brokers. Evaluate fees for all of the brokers. Some brokers offer $1 trades but have inactivity fees and market data fees. I have seen IRA fees, statement fees, odd lot fees, exchange fees, withdrawal fees. I am sure that there are some fees I missed here. If you see one please leave a message. Fees will eat your profits alive.

The Best Online Stock Trading Options For Newbies

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