I Want To Buy Penny Stocks

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What stocks should I invest in, in the stock market?

Well actually my World Geography/Economics class has us do an online stock market challenge, to make the most money in 5 months. There are 3 people in a group and in my group I am the Economic Researcher. The rules are no more than 200 transactions can be made, we can buy only american stocks, and we are not allowed to buy penny stocks. We have invested in several well known companies amd some have gotten us a good deal of money, Avago Technologies for example got us a ton of money, while other like Exxon Mobil lost us a ton of money. We already decide that no matter what we will NOT invest in Apple because it IS in fact way too risky, so any advice or help would be appreciated, if you have any links, that’s great. I also want your own opinion on stocks to buy.

Thanks so much!!!!
I have invested in:

Exxon Mobil
Bank of America
Books A Million
General Electric
Avago Technologies

Timing is everything!!!!!!!!!
Exxon is a good company but rather than tell you which companies to invest in, you already know good companies. Pay attention to the timing. February is about the worst time to buy stocks. The saying goes for March: “In like a bear and out like a bull.” Wait until the end of the first or second week of March to buy in.

Now pick a diversity of stocks in different sectors: for example,

Energy : I prefer Chevron (CVX) over Exxon although I have owned both.

Manufacturing: Wait for Toyota stock to tumble for another two weeks then buy in. Ford is o.k.

Food Service: McDonalds is #1 MCD, or Chipotle: CMG or Starbucks : SBUX

Technology: I like Google and it has really come down in price – wait a little more. GOOG

Metals and mining: Southern copper corp: PCU, and AK Steel: AKS

Reasearch and medicinal technology: I like Intuitive Surgical : ISRG

and etc . find DIFFERENT sectors. Diversify your portfolio.

Why you should trade pump and dump Penny Stocks

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