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stock market
Was the American stock market plunge reason to be nervous or just a buying opportunity?

One of the reasons I asked was also because I’m still a rookie at investing and wanted to hear some opinions. I’m as green as can be when it comes to stock market investing, and I understand people lost lots of money, but is the drop really a reason to be nervous? I understand it’s a sign there might be a change in the lending market, but is this a reason to be nervous about investing in the stock market or to start trading all your stocks? I mean it’s not like the America is an unstable country. It’s no reason to start pulling all of your money out of the stock market, right? This is a proven market that should stabilize itself in a while, no? Is this just an opportunity to buy cheap stocks?

Chime in on the stock market plunge?

There certainly is reason to believe that stocks might get cheaper still. America is not so stable as you might have imagined. It is fueled by debt. Now that debt has become shall we say unstable, the fuel supply might be facing an interruption. This might just be the beginning. On the plus side most corporations are fairly healthy and stock valuations are not out of line with reality. But none of that will really matter all that much if people stop spending, which there are indications that they are.

U.S. Stock Market Falls, Expect More Losses To Come. By Gregory Mannarino

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