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IS there really such thing as penny stocks?

and how do you FIND them??

i always wanted to be the fortunate one who put $$ in google 10 years ago when it was less than $50/per or netflix when it first started.. you know? (im sure we all think the same way!)

but i’ve heard of someone say the term penny stocks.. but i havent actually SEEN them with my own two eyes so any help is appreciated
thanks 1st replier. i didnt literally mean $50, just $50 as in “cheap” for google.

Google was never under $50 it was 95 at it’s low
For penny stocks go to
Very risky $hit
I made a killing on IVOT in late december, Look for companies with small floats (tradeable shares) that are selling cheap + have low debt

Email me to know whats hot now (IVCM at .0003 or 0004 is a good buy, or XHUA at .0012 )

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