Good Penny Stocks 2010

good penny stocks 2010
What stocks to invest in?

I am looking to invest 25,000 dollars in stocks. I would like to know what are the promising stocks for 2010?

What are some good penny stocks?

Avoid penny stocks. Be careful until the market has better legs. In 2010 start with big dividend producing stocks, so you are getting paid as you go along. Invest slowly rather than all at once. BMY, T, ED might be good stocks that are defensive, pay a good dividend, and not lose too much in a downturn. Once you have a good cornerstone of these you could look at more aggressive sectors like technology or energy. TSM and CVX might be good in those sectors. I know these are more conservative stocks– but the best rule about making money is not to lose what you have! Hope this helps. Also, stay diverse. Keep plenty of cash for opportunities in downturns. Have several sectors represented in your portfolio and avoid owning stocks or mutual funds in the same sectors or industries.

HOT OTC Penny Stocks For The week Of 4-26-2010 HMIT IDCN IWEB POPN

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