How To Trade Penny Stocks

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How To Trade The Stock Market Live ‘ An Exciting Part-time Or Full-time Career

Before the advent of the Internet, there was obviously no such thing as trading the stock market live. You would normally buy the news paper every day, check the prices of the stocks, currencies or commodities you are interested in and then phone your broker if you wanted to make or close a trade.


The information he would have had at his disposal would also have been remarkably little compared to that which a modern trader has at his fingertips every day. In the old days the brokers were the privileged insiders who had vital market information at their disposal.


The introduction of the Internet changed all this. We now have massive amounts of information available to every single trader in the world with Internet access. There are also a large number of online trading portals where you can trade not only stocks, but also currencies and commodities at the click of a button.


Spread trading, or spread betting as it is called in the UK, is a relative newcomer on the trading scene. With spread trading you do not actually invest in a particular instrument ‘ you only ‘bet’ on the future price moment. The system uses a live interface and you are therefore trading in real time.


The biggest advantage that spread trading offers is that you can profit whether the price of a stock increases or go down ‘ you just have to correctly predict which way it will go. Spread trading is also highly geared ‘ you can place a much larger trade than what you actually have money for. This can of course work in your favour or against you when you are wrong.


Many traders find it hugely exciting ‘ even addictive ‘ to trade the stock market live. To have two or more screens open simultaneously with charts of various stocks going up and down all the time is indeed exciting ‘ but you will have to stay level-headed if you want to make money using such a system!

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