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Cold Sore Question Regarding Toothbrush?

I have a cold sore right now, and usually I throw away the toothbrush after each use. However, I’ve had this sore coupled with a very annoying cold (go figure) so I didn’t go to the store to stock up on cheap disposable tooth brushes.

I was wondering, if I put my toothbrush into boiling water is it safe to reuse it? Or will I still run the risk of recontaminating myself and have another cold sore breakout?

You don’t have to use disposable tooth brushes, that is waste full.
The cold sore virus doesn’t last for long periods of time on objects and you’re not going to reinfect your self or other people if they happen to use the tooth brush. Once you have it you’re not likely to reinfect your self in the location that you all ready have it. The virus will die on the tooth brush before you use it again.

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