What Are Good Penny Stocks

what are good penny stocks
What are good penny stocks for short to mid range?

I have about $500 and looking to make some money but I can’t find any good penny stocks that seem to be worth it. I am looking for something about less than $10 a share under $6 would be great! I have recently bought some more Citi and Gigm but I want something that will give me a good profit! Thanks!!!!

by definition, penny stocks are stocks priced under $5/share that are NOT listed on the major exchanges

no such thing as “good” penny stocks and you are much more likely to lose money with them than make money – they are extremely risky, could be price manipulated by insiders, and the companies are usually losing massive amounts of money, so it would be stupid to invest in them, plus may be hard to sell at the price you want – especially if too many shares are trying to be sold at once (and penny stock trading volumes are a fraction of what bigger companies are) and the price could plunge and your potential gain could turn into a loss by the time all your shares are sold – anyone who claims to actually make money on a regular basis is either extremely lucky, a liar or a paid shill

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