How To Pick Penny Stocks

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Is this a good stock market newsletter to listen to? They always seem to be right!! HOW?

I subscribe to a penny stock newsletter that seems to always have the right stock picks. Is this a good thing? or is this some kind of a scam? They provide the information in advance, and within days, the stock always goes up. Any advice? I should mention that I have sugegested it to other people, but am now wondering about it.

Penny stocks are both unreliable and an expensive way to throw your money in a hole. Read the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, which teaches you how to invest in a manner that gives you enough safety that you won’t lose too much, but you can still make a fair amount every year. It is regarded arguably as the best investing book of all time, by a billionaire named Warren Buffett. It has been updated since it’s creation in the 1930′s, to apply it’s principles to a more current market condition. It is a great way to ensure that you will almost certainly not lose all of your money. This is probably the best way to invest, because it helps you gain consistently over a long period of time with a low amount of risk. You may not make the large gains promised by penny stocks, but you will still be investing in companies that aren’t as well known in order to take advantage of pricing blunders.

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