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investment gurus! What do you think of

Hello, there is, what appears to be, a great site for stock screening called It uses all the top investors strategies to screen stocks and give you a list of 10/20 stock pics, and the lists are rebalanced monthly.

To all the experts in stocks out there, what do you think of using this method to ADD to your portfolio?

Thank you for your time!

I am very surprised by these responses. To me, it seems like the answers were posted with very little regard for the site and research this company provides. It seems like people just posted without even looking at this company.

I have used Validea and benefited from their research, and I’d like to add in a few things that should be considered about this firm and their web site. I hope this helps you make an objective decision.

1) They run 11 different quantitative investment models built off of legendary investors. For example, they have a strategy based on Warren Buffett, Martain Zweig, James O’Shaughnessy and a bunch of others.

2) For the last five years they have been running 10 and 20 stock model portfolios based on these strategies. You can see the performance of the portfolios on this page:

3) John Reese, the firm’s founder, holds two patents on the underlying technology, is a columnist for, and currently participating in MSN Money’s Strategy Lab. He is also author of a book, “The Market Gurus” and a regular presenter to AAII chapters.

You can read about John at Wikipedia: (

4) The firm produces research for investment banks via the global investment research settlement.

5) I think you should read Validea’s press page – they have been highlighted by nearly every financial publication:

I think the proof of their system is in the portfolio section (

Each of these portfolios holds the top 10 or 20 stocks from each strategy. You can follow a monthly, quarterly or annual rebalanced portfolio. It’s a very robust system. The returns that their system has produced is excellent.

Good Luck!

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