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Doubling Stocks Review – Is David Cohen Doubling Stocks Scam?

David Cohen Doubling Stocks have certainly created a lot of buzz on the internet recently. It claims to offer you stock advice that can make you rich though its weekly penny stock newsletter.

Sounds too good to be true right especially with the price at only $47? I decided to purchase doubling stocks and see if the stocks price recommended are good or just scams.

By the way, they claim to have produced an automated stock trading robot named Marl that can accurately predict the movement of penny stocks.

Here are some of my analyses of Doubling Stocks

Doubling Stocks have been around for quite a while and their previous results have been encouraging. Their program have consistently picked 7 out of 10 winning penny stock picks.

Is Doubling Stocks Scam?

One of the things I look before buying doubling stocks is to see if they have an address or email on their sales page. Doubling Stocks certainly looks legitimate since they have their address, email and phone number on it.

They also have a 60 day money back guarantee so if I don´t like it, I can get my money back easily.

One of the main reasons why I joined Doubling Stocks is to understand the reasons why they pick a particular penny stock. For me, I want to eventually pick stocks on my own in future so it was a good opportunity to learn the reasons for picking a particular penny stocks.

So how accurate are the stock picks?

That´s the big questions and from my experience with this program, 4 of out every 5 picks are profitable. I´ve placed bids with my broker and I am happy to say I have earned some money.

The main thing is they will tell you when to enter and when to sell. Without this information, I would probably have made a loss.

Certainly, doubling stocks is suitable for beginners if you simply want good winning penny stock picks that you can place bids immediately. For immediate stock players like me, it is certainly interesting to know the reasons why they recommend a particular stock pick.

If you are wondering is Doubling Stocks scam, check out my Doubling Stocks review to learn more. Read my Doubling Stocks review and learn how to make money in penny stocks.

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