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Has anyone used the “”? Has anyone used this engine?

I have heard about computer programs that pick stocks that work. There are some hedge fund managers who made billions last year while everyone else lost theirr shirts because they have “secret” mathematical formulas. Such as Jim Simmons and his firm Renaissancee Technologies, go ahead and look him up. Anyway has anyone tried this robot and have they historically been accurate?

It is doubling stocks .com, it gives a pretty picture if you go there, they cost 47 for a lifetime of two stock picks per week. I am looking to trade penny stocks as I short the inflated market once again. I am a day trader who makes several trades a day and have already made a good amount this year, I am just looking to expand areas I trade as I make more money.

PLEASE serious answers only.

Thank you in advance.

Anyone who claims to have found the “trick” to beating the stock market under all conditions is an outright LIAR.

You WILL make money investing in carefully selected equities or mutual funds OVER TIME. But jumping in and out of the market, especially with something as high-risk as penny stocks (many of which are “pump and dump scams”) is a guaranteed way to LOSE YOUR SHIRT.

Of all of the stocks that have made millionaires of early investors — think of your Microsofts, Wal-Marts, IBMs, etc. — not a SINGLE one of them started out as a penny stock.

If you want to “game” the market and make some money, follow Warren Buffett’s advice: Buy when everyone else is selling and sell when everyone else is buying. I adopted that strategy with part of my portfolio about 4 years ago and that portion has more than tripled in value. It’s UP nearly 80% in the past year alone! It takes nerves of steel to run counter to the tide but it is the ONLY way that you can trade your way up. When the market is rising rapidly and some talking heads start mumbling about “irrational exuberance” it’s time to move your wad to high-quality bonds and Treasuries and wait out the inevitable crash. Then, while everyone else is trying to “cut their losses” you step in and pick up some huge bargains.

Here are a few stocks that have roller-coastered over the past year but were excellent buys if you came on board at the low point:


Research your investments carefully, and ignore the pitchmen selling their “can’t lose” poison.

MARL Penny Stock Trading Robotic Stock Trading

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