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Jim Cramer Books Study The Best Stock Guru Around

To know Jim Cramer is to love him. Jim Cramer writes in a easy to follow manners and style that makes reading his books easy and intuitive. One of the best and latest is Getting back to Even. This is chock full of practical advise on tried and true methods to profit from investing.

One of the first ideas he talks about is the idea of stock ownership. While in reality we become part owners in a company, Jim teaches it more like we are loaning the company our money to make more money.

While you have a fractional interest in the company, technically, you hold no real rights. If every stockholder were actually an owner that would mean that we also have a debt obligation should the company operate in debt. Given this fact we can be assured of never owing more than we invest. So in reality his concept is correct, we are loaning the company money to make us more money.

From there, this Jim Cramer books talks about buy and homework. Jim believes the idea of buy and hold is long dead and should be abandon by all investors. Instead he thinks we should take an active role in the management of any stock and make decisions on selling based of study. Each week we should be spending at least one hour per week researching every stock that we own.

Of course he goes on to tell us what that research is: reading the news articles, looking at the balance sheets, listening to conference calls, and studying the charts. Taking all this into consideration will help us decide when its time to sell a stock.

Jim cramer´s books are full of clear and practical advise like this that is easy to follow. More of his personal trading rules are talked about as well as which stocks to buy depending on where the economy is.

If for any reason you get overwhelmed with the books you can always subscribe to Jim´s subscription service Action Alerts Plus. The tips and advise offered in Action Alert Plus are invaluble and only add to the valuble information in the books.

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