Stock Market System

stock market system
Should the stock-market system be replaced ?

Given the history of the stock market system, should it be replaced !

Yes it should be because certain select privileged people have used and abused the stock market system for their own personal wealth and as usual those of us who really cannot afford to buy huge amounts of stock are left holding the bag when it crumbles as we’ve seen in recent months with our near financial collapse.

Our economic system has failed on every dimension: environmental, social, and financial. The fact that the Wall Street financial collapse has preceded the terminal collapse of our social and environmental systems is a blessing, because it demonstrates that the economic system has failed even on its own terms.

Financial collapse is only about money and can be fixed over a few years with relative ease. Social collapse is about the loss of relationships of trust and caring that are the essential fabric of functioning community. These relationships can take generations, even centuries, to restore on a national or global scale. Environmental collapse is about Earth’s life support system. This can take millions of years to restore—if ever.

Spending trillions of dollars in an effort to restore Wall Street to its original condition is a reckless waste of time and resources. The more intelligent course is to declare our independence from the predatory institutions of Wall Street and put in place a new policy framework favoring Main Street businesses and workers engaged in the socially and environmentally responsible production of goods and services that improve the lives of all.

Our society has over the course of the last 25-30 years become one of excess greed and overwhelming indulgence and overexposure to a grand way of life that only about 1 to 3% of our total population will ever reach DEBT FREE meaning if you CANNOT PAY FOR SOMETHING outright then YOU CANNOT AFFORD THAT ITEM !

Singapore Stock Market using CSI Trading System on 26th July

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