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penny stock investng?

can anyone tell me if investing in interstate bakeries would be a good idea? stock sells for less than 4 cents a share, and nasdaq says it could go to $10 in 1 year; but i also have heard news articles say that the company, in order to reimburse money, will cancel category 2 stocks (4 cent stocks) and begin with new categorey 1 stocks. if they cancel cat. 2 stocks, would they refund their investors? what is the differnece between cat. 1 and 2 stocks? please answer!!

Matt, if you plan to make lots of money, think of it as a job. The more time you put into buying quality and value, even though it initially costs more, the more quickly and solidly you will succeed.
Build a stock portfolio that you can be proud to own, by buying issues (companies) that you know something about, and will more likely stick with through the downturns.

If you want to go cheap, you’re not really an investor. You need to buy lottery tickets, and keep your fingers crossed.

Investors have written goals, and they take advice from those who actually have made three times what they’re trying to make. The older men in my church have had an amazing affect on my success as an Investor- in real estate as well as stocks.

I wish you the best of luck, but most importantly, the best EDUCATION!

How to Trade Penny Stocks Bad News

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