Hot Penny Stock Picks

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Where can I find hot penny stock?

Under bear stock market,hot penny stock seems more likely to make money than any other kinds of stocks.But how to pick hot penny stock is key to success,anyone supply any advice about finding hot penny stock?

Here are some of the boards the day traders use.

What you must remember is almost all of the penny stocks are basically scams, they bring out good and bad news all the time to make the price rise and fall, the day traders know when to jump in and then out to leave the newbies with all of the losses. Some traders acrtually pump up the stock on the boards just to create interest from newbies to make a quick 10% or more. These stocks are a form of gamble rather than an investment.

I played the game myself the early part of this year on companies that had brought out false news only to see it retracted and the price fall, these companies go right down to $0.0001 of one penny until a new story comes out a few months down the line and then they jump to several pennies.

Just be wary, don’t treat it as a real stock investment and do not believe all of the BS that these companies dish out, stay in for the short ride and get off before the bad news arrives. Only use a small part of your cash so you don’t get wiped out, $1000 max till you get the idea, beware of highly volotile low float stocks and low volume stocks that only have a few odd sales each day.

A friend recently made $85K on a recent run by when it managed to get all the way to $0.01 one single penny

Good Luck

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