Penny Stock Recommendation

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I would like to start trading stocks…?

I subscribed to one of the “penny stock” newsletters and have been watching their results for a while. Seeing that they usually gave pretty good advice, I decided to purchase some today based on one of their recommendations. I have never done this before. I opened an accound with Sharebuilders & Ameritrade – neither one will allow me to purchase this stock. So I tried a different stock. They will not allow me to purchase this one either Sharebuilders says it isn’t a Sharebuilder listed stock and Ameritrade says “Funds are not available for this transaction of a non-marginable security” – I electronically transfered the funds into Ameritrade.

I am very new at this. How can I purchase the stocks that I want on-line?

Start slowly, I’d recommend the Ameritrade account, (Just because I’ve never heard of the other.)

Start with companies that you know, know what they do, and understand their prospects.

When you start getting more savvy, you can try the “penny stocks.”

I often have positions in things that I think have long term super growth potential, and those are “mad money” holdings. I expect that most of them will go to zero at some point, but they could go to the moon.

(For examplie “” or “mvis” — I think these companies have interesting enough products that they might go up enormously. They may just as easily go to zero. One is a two cent stock, the other is 1.68 or so.)

For your first venture, buy something that may seem expensive, but is more main stream, like McDonalds (MCD) IBM (IBM) Apple (AAPL) or even Microsoft (MSFT)

Good luck!

Penny Stock Recommendation

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