Pink Sheet Penny Stocks

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What are Pink Sheet Penny Stocks?

I’m from Australia where we only have one stock exchange. I’d like to know what “Over the Counter” and “Pink Sheets” means for penny stocks. Surely they are traded electronically like any other stock? Does it automatically mean they are small cap? Are there any stocks under $5 on the S&P 500? Why aren’t they called penny stocks? What exchange are stocks under $5 traded on? Where is a good place to find info on stocks between 50c and $5 that are liquid? Is there a good advisory service? Thanks in advance…

The pinksheets are a separate unregulated electronic market. Technically the definition of a penny stock is one trading under five dollars. If they trade under a dollar for a certain period of time they are subject to being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. Then they are usually traded in the pinksheets or the Over The Counter Bulletin Board.

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