How Can I Buy Penny Stocks

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How do you buy penny stocks?

I am looking into investing into some penny stocks but I have noticed that I can not buy them through why is that? I want to start purchasing them but how does it work. I looked through some other questions and seen something about with penny stocks your not guaranteed a buyer or something as a normal stock on the Stock Exchange. Are there cheap stocks around a dollar or under where I can simply go to my computer and click sell and then its done with? And what online broker can I use to buy these types of stocks. What are the chances that I buy a penny stock and want to sell and no one wants to buy it.

Its funny I was in the same predicament about a year ago. I just was getting into the stock market and penny stocks seemed GENIUS!

But anyhoo, the reason theyre not on the trade list for 98% of brokers is because its too liquidated. It fluctuates more than the people’s opinion of George Bush Jr. The rule of thumb is if its over $5.00, its tradeable.

And good luck finding a penny trader. I gave up sleeping to find one and I found nothing. Hope this helps, somewhat? Good luck

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